I’m looking for a virtual assistant!

I see people looking for a virtual assistant on Facebook Groups regularly. Someone says “I’m looking for a VA” and then the swarm flies in. It is overwhelming to see this from the perspective of a virtual assistant and I imagine just as overwhelming when you need the help.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could go to request a proposal and get exactly what you are looking for? Guess what!? There is an answer!

There are several virtual assistant organizations out there and they offer Request for Proposal (RFP) Boards to businesses and their members.

When you use a RFP Board to find your virtual assistant, you can give very specific information for your request as well as a deadline for when you are needing the help.

Some virtual assistant networks that you may want to look at the next time you need an assistant are:

International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA)  http://www.ivaa.org

VA Networking.com  http://vanetworking.com

Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants (GAVA)  http://www.globalva.org

Some helpful tips for your RFP

  • Be Specific. What do you need? When do you need to have the assistant working?
  • Remember that a virtual assistant is a business owner too. You are not hiring an employee.
  • Consider the future with your virtual assistant. Will this be a long term project?
  • Please be courteous. Remember that your potential virtual assistant’s time is as valuable as yours. Let your respondents know when you’ve filled the position.

Don’t forget that I’m always happy to help. You can contact me to discuss your needs! Virtu-Ally On your side. Getting things done.