What is a virtual assistant?

These days when people ask me what I am doing and I tell them I’m a virtual assistant, I get a lot of blank stares. What is that? I didn’t realize that there was an entire industry built around it until I started Virtu-Ally. I knew that I wanted to work with more than one office and be free to do the things that I love. As it happens, the pandemic came through and gave me the opportunity to finally pursue my dreams.

So, what is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed contractor who generally works remotely or online and offers different services depending upon the niche he or she is in. A virtual assistant can provide services ranging from bookkeeping to wedding planning and pretty much anything in between.

My “specialty” is general administration, but I’m growing my skillset to include website design and graphics design, so I’m not only doing what I’ve always done, but soon I’ll be doing even more exciting things.

Why would someone hire a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is more cost effective for many business owners. There are benefits that virtual assistants can offer that employees aren’t able to.

Some benefits include:           

  • Specialized services. As I mentioned before, virtual assistants wear a lot of different hats. We each have our “specialty” that we focus on. This makes it easier to find someone to take care of the tasks you are being overwhelmed with.
  • No extra costs. Employees cost money before they ever enter the office. There are employment taxes, liability and worker’s compensation insurance, wages and the space for them to come to the office every day. Virtual assistants don’t ask for those things because they are independent contractors who pay their own expenses.
  • Flexibility. A virtual assistant works according to their own schedule. You can hire a virtual assistant as an hourly service and pay as you go or many offer packages for specific jobs or projects that you need to have done for you.
  • Minimal training. If you are prepared to use a virtual assistant, you should have what you want to have taken care of organized or at least identified, being specialized in their skillset allows a virtual assistant to be very well versed at the job.
  • Freedom for you. Once you start working with a virtual assistant, you will reap the benefits of knowing that the things you don’t have time for are being taken care of. You will have the freedom to network and grow your business, focus on your clients or just take a long needed break for yourself.

Whether it is for a quick one-time task or just to stay ahead of things, a virtual assistant can be extremely helpful. Even if you only retain 10-20 hours per month, that can save you time up to 240 hours a year of the things you’d rather not have to do. When you feel like the load is getting too heavy, reach out and we can see what solutions will help you and your business.

I’m here to help when you need that extra hand. Virtu-Ally On your side. Getting things done.