Is your information safe?

I was recently in a discovery call with a potential client who asked me how I could assure her that her personal and customer information would be protected. This is such a great question. How do you know?

When you have a virtual assistant, you are putting your livelihood into our hands.

Here are some tips:

  • Only give as much freedom to your virtual assistant that is needed to do the job. If it feels like too much, get more information.
  • There should always be a secure way to transfer information. Don’t just email a password or account information.
  • Maintain control of log-in information. You set the limits of information to be released.
  • Stay connected with your virtual assistant to keep a clear understanding of their needs, control and activities.
  • Review your contract for non-disclosure and confidentiality details.

Many virtual assistants are also members of virtual assistant associations. I am a member of the International Virtual Assistant Association ( and part of the membership is an agreement to abide by the ethical standards of the association. It is very important to us that we are maintaining a good name for virtual assistants around the world.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a stretch of your comfort zone, but hiring an employee is a similar stretch that costs more in expenses. If you don’t feel like the virtual assistant is someone you can trust, you have the option of choosing another. A good virtual assistant will be able to answer your questions honestly and prove that you have made a good choice.

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